A yoga yoga weekend is a special opportunity to take space and time for yourself and to dive deeper into your own nurturing power. You will experience a weekend filled with yoga, meditation, good company and with plenty of time for yourself and in nature, small or large transformations. Fresh air, wide meadows and fields will create a new, comfortable feeling in your body: lightness, grounding, strength.

Drop out of your everyday life and enter back into a connection with your body. Our yoga weekends are filled with: yoga, nature, healthy, delicious, vegan food, great people and beautiful surroundings.

Do you feel like peace, relaxation, time for yourself and in nature?
Fresh air, wide meadows and fields?
You want to feel at ease, grounded and energized?

Then join in on a yoga weekend that touches your soul.
The combination of dynamic yoga, meditation, mindfulness, closeness to nature, rituals and ceremonies, powerful as well as gentle work on body, mind and heart show you the way back to your inner strength, lightness, beauty and joy.

Yoga Weekend

A yoga weekend in nature is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and your environment. Being in the nature supports deep breathing, which calms the mind and allows new space and energy in the body. Amazingly, you’ll find out what such a yoga weekend can do, and how you will feel refreshed and inspired after just three days.

A Yoga Retreat close to Berlin

Our Yoga Retreats are not far from Berlin. The Breitenteicher Mühle is the location our Choice. Here seemingly simple things have great value: vegetables from own cultivation, electricity is generated by a waterwheel, you find a sauna in the circus wagon, no neighbours, only meadows, tiny hills and a clear sky filled with stars, a fire place, reading corner, spring water, apple juice from neighbour’s production. The nearby forests and lakes are easy to visit in small excursions between sessions during our Yoga Retreats Berlin.

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Frauke Schroth and Susanna Abbassian Korasani lead with big hearts and expertise through their Yoga & Meditation Retreats. Both are experts in their fields of yoga, meditation, breath and plants medicine. Her work complements a comprehensive, holistic program that can give you little or big transformation. For Frauke and Susanna as well as for the Breitenteicher Mühle team, nature and a friendly, respectful relationship with Mama Earth is very important: the food often comes fresh from their own farm and their own small herb garden: vegan. local. bio. And very tasty.

The Yoga.

Frauke is a multi-trained meditation and yoga teacher as well as a trainer. She now lives in Bali and regularly travels to her home country for workshops, retreats and training. In Bali, she is inspired by the warmth of the islanders and the power of nature. Frauke is known for her open and clear nature and her special ability to lead with sensitivity, lightness and precision through yoga sequences and meditations.

The yoga during the yoga weekends is a mix of Vinyasa Flow Yoga (dynamic style of Yoga), Yin Yoga (calming style of Yoga), meditation and mindfulness. The sessions in the morning are often dynamic and powerful while the yoga sessions in the eventing are calmer and quieter. Your own breath will be a focus in every session. The special thing about Frauke’s teaching is the combination of clarity, focus and sensitivity, which often touches the heart.

Medicinal Plants.

Susanna is a medical practitioner, specialised on Healing Herbs. She has been working in her own practice in Berlin for 5 years. Her specialties are medicinal herbs, macrobiotic and rebirthing (breathing technique). Her holistic approach has helped many people on their way to health. Her charm, her honesty and liveliness, are contagious and warming. Susanna accompanies you with her knowledge and experience around the topic of health: nourishing as well as healing!

the program.

Experience how your body feels more free and light, how your thoughts become calmer and clearer, and how your being recharges with new power and inspiration.

The yoga weekends begin with a grounding and nourishing yoga and meditation session. Depending on which theme is the focus of the yoga weekend, it may also be a small ceremony that opens the retreat.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will experience dynamic yoga in the morning. This is followed by a big, beautiful brunch, when good weather, you will enjoy sitting and eating outside on the large terrace with sunshine and views on the garden and wide fields. Frauke and Susanna love surprises. So you can look forward to small or big surprises during the retreat, from chocolate workshops to mushroom picking. On Friday and Saturday a small snack awaits you in the afternoon, followed by a workshop, a wonderful dinner and another session that will make your restful sleep easy.

On Sunday, you flow through a final yoga session and say goodbye after a wonderful, leisurely brunch.

Your summer in nature: open, strong and clear.

Frauke, Susanna and the Breitenteicher Mühle team are looking forward to seeing you.

Check the dates for our next Yoga Weekends.