About my experience in Beach Clean Ups and my vision of a clean world ....

Garbage is stinky and not very sexy.
So why should I go collect it voluntarily?

The answer is simple.
I love the earth, I love the sea.
It touches me, shakes me when I see beaches full of plastic.
No secret it is that our oceans are full of plastic.
Plastic has made it even to the depths of the oceans where no human being could ever go.

Why do we still produce so much garbage even though we know how harmful it is?

In Germany, garbage collection ensures that our garbage is not necessarily visible. Here the world seems tidy. Under control. Clean.

In developing countries, as Indonesia is one, garbage collection is not everywhere available.
So the garbage is obvious. At the beach. Beside the road. In rivers. In the sea. All over.

I believe that every single person has the power to make changes.
As long as responsibility is taken.
Of course I can not clean up the whole world just because I want it be clean.

‘Collecting the garbage on the beach does not solve the problem.’ I often hear this.

‘Manufacturers should no longer use plastic.’
‘People should stop throwing their garbage everywhere.’ I often hear that as well.

Should I wait and hope for other people to take responsibility? I ask myself ..

I see it as my own decision to use plastic or not.
After all, there are alternatives.

We already know that we have produced too much waste.
I do not want to blame anyone for all the trash.
Because who knows if it is not my garbage that I go collecting on the beach?

So I see the garbage as it is.
I do not feel in resistance to what is.
Nevertheless, I would like to be an active and a living part of the change that I wish to happen. I vision for a world in which we take responsibility for our own actions, mistakes, desires and visions.

Together we are strong. And that works. Thanks Trash Heroes!

Plastic free living …
I’m curious and I want to know if and how it works.

Here is my goal:
My personal use of plastic should fit into a jute bag at the end of one year …

Join in and tell me your tips and tricks for a plastic-free lifestyle!


With Love, Frauke*