Join us in our Yoga Retreat Berlin and experience how yoga, meditation and nature can create a feeling freedom, lightness and strength.

A yoga retreat is a special opportunity to delve deeper into the world of yoga and to let yourself be carried away by the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Yoga Retreat Berlin

A Yoga Retreat Berlin is a beautiful opportunity to withdraw for a short while and to reconnect with yourself. It’s like a retreat from all sorts of distractions, but also a retreat from everyday life and fast pace living. Slowing down and arriving come back to focus.

Do you know that yoga literally means unity?
The sense of connectedness after yoga is probably a feeling that you know.
It’s a bit like coming back home in your own body.

Traditionally, yoga is seen as a way of living and exercising with experiencing unity as the supreme goal. Unity of body, mind, heart or soul … Unity, for example, can be experienced in a form of clarity, wisdom or the feeling of pure love. Today, yoga is often seen only as the physical yoga exercises, but the actual path of yoga has much more to offer than the physical exercises: reflection, breath, meditation, just to name a few.

Our Yoga Retreats Berlin offer you a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the full spectrum of yoga.

A Yoga Weekend close to nature

For our Yoga Weekends we go for nature. Nature is clear and strong and supports our a retreat quite wonderfully. By being in nature, thoughts almost automatically become calmer and clearer and the body quickly experiences a peaceful, new expanse.

We deliberately choose places that are very close to nature and allow you to retreat. Places that are natural and beautiful, which do not allow too much distraction to help you ‘get in touch’.

For example, the Breitenteicher Mühle is a perfect location for our retreats. It is located in the middle of a nature reserve, it is surrounded by wide fields and meadows, no neighbours are within sight. The sky is clear, shooting stars can be observed, the vegetable and herb gardens bring fresh ingredients directly onto the plate and the sauna in the circus wagon allows you to slow down even more.

The combination of yoga, nature, healthy and fresh food, works small and sometimes even great miracles.

Yoga & Meditations Retreat – not only for Berlin-People

Of course, our Yoga & Meditation Retreats are not just for Berliners. The Uckermark is beautiful and not only for Berliners a popular leisure destination. In about 1 hour drive, the place is easy to reach from Berlin. However, even with the trains from everywhere, the station of Angermünde is reached quickly and easily.

A Yoga Retreat Berlin is a long weekend out in nature, with lots of yoga, meditation, great people, warmth and serenity, joy and naturalness. It’s hard to believe, but a lot happens during a weekend. And we can promise that after the yoga retreat you will surely feel lighter, stronger and more inspired.

Yoga Retreat Berlin – most common questions

How is Yoga Retreat Berlin going?
For us, nature and yoga are important in its entirety. You can expect a lot of yoga, meditation, naturalness and health at our Yoga Retreats Berlin and of course a place that is quiet and peaceful, close to nature. There are at least two yoga classes a day. Morning and evening. In addition, workshops on selected retreat topics.

What to eat at the yoga retreat?
This is a very good question. Wholesome, healthy and delicious food is super important to us. We value organic ingredients, naturalness and local treasures. Food during our retreats is largely free of animal products, making exercise, breathing and meditation easier. In any case, it is delicious and certainly makes you happy. Promised 🙂

Can only experienced yogis participate in a retreat?
No. The retreats are open to all people and levels. We have often had people with us who have never done yoga prior to the retreat. In the same group were advanced yogis and yoga teachers. For everyone it is beautiful and enriching. Surely it is easier if you have already worked with your body in some way, do sports or practice meditation. But even without, a retreat will give you a lot of inspiration.

Do I need to prepare?
No. Only if you want to tune in, you can practice with one or the other video or audio from us before.

Check out the videos .

And here’s the audios .

What do I need to bring?
If possible, please bring a yoga mat with you.
Having your own yoga mat gives you the same motivation to continue practicing Yoga for you.

I would like to come alone, is that possible?
Of course. Most participants come alone.
Some people prefer to be among people and some prefer to be alone. Both have their justification and there is enough space for both during the yoga retreats. Nature is wide and offers space for walks by yourself as well as excursions in the group. Anyone the way he or she likes the most. We love surprises and often bring in more than we have on the program. Of course, these surprises are always voluntary. They either offer the opportunity for extra rest or for picking mushrooms or making chocolate together.

When is the next retreat?
Find the next dates for our Yoga Retreats Berlin are here .

And if you have any questions about the yoga retreats, then write an email to: