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I am Frauke, Freedom-loving and on my journey to my purest self. I am a Yoga student, multi-trained yoga & meditation teacher and trainer, and with Wild Earth Alive I wish to inspire you to live from your fullest power and love.

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Since my childhood I’ve always been fascinated by the image of the smiling Buddha, the beauty of Asia, a sense of lightness and the seemingly divine connectivity between all of these things. I was drawn to travel the world, to come into contact with unfamiliar cultures and experience more free and harmonious ways of living. I took my first Yoga class when I was 19 while I was travelling in Jamaica. I was moved by the open hearts and minds of the yogis, but not so much by the yoga practice itself. I was still on the run, seeking, I needed a fast pace, power, distraction and a knee injury to be convinced by the practice of yoga. Yoga for me began very physically, and after some years it became more of an emotional practice, and after another couple years it even evolved into something mystical. Today my practice it is all of these at the same time. Today yoga is my daily companion, my dearest friend. It shows me the way to my inner peaceful power, to unity and balance, to my inner strength – a gentle strength.

I learned how to teach Yoga in 2009 in Berlin. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the style of yoga that I still love, respect and teach. After that I took additional teacher trainings in, Yin Yoga and Chakra Yoga. Those brought me closer towards the magic and ancient meaning of the practice of Yoga. As the flow of life happens through change and development, I love it to continue my education and to learn more and more.

The trainings I have taken:


2018 Hormon Yoga Therapy – Teacher Training – Dinah Rodrigues, Berlin – 90h
2016 Yin Yoga – Teacher Training, Yinspiration, Bali – 200h
2014 Chakra Yoga – Teacher Training, Pyramid Yoga, Philippines – 500h
2013 Detox & Mystic Flow Yoga – Teacher Training, Sean Corn, USA – 30h
2009 Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Teacher Training, Spirit Yoga, Berlin – 200h


2017 Mark Whitwell – Heart of Yoga, Bali
2015 Claire Zammit – The Feminine Power System, online programme
2014 Max Strom – A Life Worth Breathing & The Art of Teaching, Berlin
2012 Corn, Sterling, Khouri – Off The Mat, Leadership Training, NY, USA
2012 Ana Forrest – Forrest Yoga Intensives, Berlin
2011 Rudra Dev – Iyengar Yoga Intensives, Rishikesh, India

I am especially moved and touched by:

Sean Corn, Susanne Sterling, Mark Whitwell, Pak Merta Ada & Bali.


Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which also boosts self-healing powers. It was developed in Japan.

Rei means ‘universal wisdom’ and Ki means ‘energy’. Reiki is often translated as ‘universally guided energy’. It is energy that is accessible and can be used by everyone. I received my first Reiki initiation 2013 in India. And my 2nd initiation in 2018 in Berlin. Reiki provides a powerful tool to create a more energetic and healing environment for my yoga classes and my individual work.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is a combination of body work and energy work. I was first introduced to this art by the Sunshine Network in Thailand in 2015. Thai massage provides another tool to realign the flow of one’s own energies. The hands-on adjustments that I give in my yoga classes benefit greatly from the art of Thai massage, allowing me to be empathetic, clear and connected.

That is me

I’m curious. I love to go forwards rather than backwards. I learn some things quickly and some more slowly. I need nature and its vast open space. I love chocolate and the sea, dancing, walking barefoot. I laugh until my belly hurts. I am fire and earth, anger and love. I love to see, smell, taste, hear and feel. I like trying things I can’t yet do. I practice patience. I often fall and get up again. I am natural and human. I love to live yoga!

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Bali Favourites

Bali is like home to me. I love and appreciate the warmth, serenity and gentleness of the people here and I am always happy.



DIY – Natural cosmetics

The effects of our consumption behavior are visible in many places. Our plastic and packaging waste pollutes oceans, water and soil … Do It.

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