Yoga for women



Frauke Schroth & Team

Yoga – a women’s perspective


20h yoga online training


This Module creates a space for Yoga teacher, people and especially women who are passionate about Yoga and wish to learn more about the nature of the female body and its power. This Module is an exploration of female anatomy, emotional intelligence, the ups and downs of female hormones and how we can use the ebbs and flows in our yoga practice, in our teachings as well as in life.

You learn:
* female anatomy
* utilizing yoga to tap into cyclic wisdom
* yoga for a healthy pelvis
* the roots and power of the female pelvic floor

Critical reflexion:
* male as a norm
* women in medicine
* discerning male and female needs
* toxic vs. healthy femininity and masculinity and a view on non-duality

Join Frauke & her team to co-create this training together.

About Ella
Ella is a certified 500h yoga teacher based in Switzerland.
She has specialized in yoga medicine for women and fertility yoga through her training with Birthlight. Now, she wholeheartedly lives her passion and shares her knowledge in the realm of women’s health. Through her teachings, she strives to create a safe and supportive space where women can explore and honor their bodies. Ella is a playful, sensitive and structured teacher that loves to let herself guide by her intuition in order to create fun and creative flows for each of the 4 cycle phases.

About Frauke
Frauke is a multi-trained meditation and yoga teacher. She shares her knowledge from more than 20 years of experience with passion, focus and joy. She is known for her open, clear nature and her special ability to guide with sensitivity, ease and precision. Her wish is to bring people and especially women back into power, center and trust. Frauke lives in Bali and travels regularly to Germany for training, retreats and workshops. In this module she is guiding you through active discussions and critical reflexions on interesting themes on women’s rights and how we can utilize such insights into our yoga teachings.

About Marylene
Marylene is an osteopath and a multi-trained yoga teacher. Her passion is to empower her students to understand the uniqueness of their bodies, their needs in their yoga practice, to integrate mindfulness into their lives, and grow as confident yoga teachers. Her teachings promote a safe and personalized practice, self-confidence, playfulness and personal growth. She will dive deeply with you into female anatomy.


Date Price

new dates will be announced shortly // via zoom // 9:30 am – 3:30 pm // 20h total

333€ – 20% off for people with low income and former students of frauke

If we caught your interest or if you have any questions please reach out.
We are looking forward to co-creating this module with you.

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