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Frauke Schroth

Online Yoga Private Lesson

An online yoga private lesson is an unique opportunity to create space and to give attention to your individual needs. Special needs often have less space in a yoga class with several participants. In a private lesson you experience full attention and presence and you can immerse yourself in a deep connection with yourself.

Learning and understanding is often faster and easier in one-on-one lessons because it it all about you, your needs get full attention and you can ask as many questions as you like! What you experience and learn in a private yoga lesson remains. And often simplifies and deepens your yoga practice enormously.

I myself am amazed by the unified space that can be created within an online yoga private lesson.


It is also astonishing that focus and concentration, the ability to get involved, a feeling of being seen, as well as feelings of security and care can arise in a virtual space. But experience shows exactly that.

An online yoga private lesson is completely adapted to your own needs, wishes and ideas.


You choose from flow, mindfulness or health meditation, breathing exercises or practical question and answer. Themes such as coping with stress, unity, connectedness or inner balance can also be examined in one private class. If there are injuries in your body, an online private lesson can be very beneficial. There may be less distraction from the online medium than from the physical presence of a teacher.

Even when I’m not physically in a room with you, I get a good feeling from you and your body when I can see you on the screen.

Prices Online Yoga Private Lesson

Online Yoga Private Lesson 60min – 60€
Online Yoga Privat Lesson 90min – 80€

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My yoga journey wouldn’t be where it is today without the teaching, guidance, love, wisdom, compassion, and friendship of the beautiful Frauke. The moment we met, her grace and devotion to her practice and lifestyle impacted my life tremendously. I knew that wouldn’t be the last time we see each other. Being that I couldn’t take her classes in person, because I lived in a different continent at the time, to my luck she found a way to make it work and that was through online video one on one classes. These classes were really special to me because though realistically we weren’t physically together, her presence and herself was with me in the room in a way I have never experienced before. I felt really cared for and nurtured by the way she tailored the classes specifically for my body and its needs. Her attentiveness and love brought me to a place on the mat that led me to a deeper place of consciousness. Having no other distractions there, just us felt like a beautiful symphony. Her love and knowledge of yoga is the most beautiful thing to experience and my wish is that more people around the world get to witness the gifts of her teachings. She’s such a beautiful spirit and a true inspiration and I’m beyond lucky to have her in my life.
With the most love – Danielle Desrochers

After talking to Frauke at the beginning of my online private class about my focus, the hour took a very surprising turn. I expected a Vinyasa Flow class as I know it from Frauke. Instead I received a deep mediation that put me right into my center and that was exactly what I needed at the moment. Driven by a great deal of restlessness, my desire to move was big – my ability to sit still was zero. Frauke has guided me more and more with great sensitivity and patience. For me she was as present as if she were actually standing next to me. It was a very moving, very personal and profound experience.
– Julia Wolf
I really enjoyed the online private lessons with Frauke. I was very much in my presence and in the flow. I was able to express my needs during the lesson so that Frauke could respond to them. When I closed my eyes I could imagine being in the same room with her. I could feel a nice closeness beyond the internet waves. It is an enriching experience for me. Thank you for this opportunity.
– Theresia Hildegard



As long as I am in Bali, my equipment is not perfect. The internet is not as stable and reliable as in Germany. I cannot promise that I will be able to keep up all scheduled lessons, just as I cannot guarantee that the session will be of good quality, since the Internet or electricity sometimes fail spontaneously and transmission rates are sometimes low.

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