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Frauke Schroth

Online Vinyasa Yoga

Flow. Breath. Connection. Feeling. Power. Grounding. Openness.

Vinyasa got me into yoga 20 years ago. Then as now, I love the dynamics, the sensitivity, the freedom of this yoga style. And I love the opportunity to host online vinyasa yoga sessions – live from bali.

My classes have evolved over the years from powerful to gently dynamic. A few years ago I needed rigor, stability and challenge in my practice. Today it is more important for me to feel myself, to move mindfully, to consciously connect with my breath and the present moment. And I challenge myself with HIIT, surfing or in the gym.

Yoga has become my sacred place where I can always come back to feel, to breathe, to be with myself and to connect with the now.
Because these qualities have become so important to me and I have experienced how they enrich my life and make it more authentic, I build my classes around these values.

Online Vinyasa Yoga – the specialty

In my online Vinyasa classes I want to create a space for you that feels free, playful, curious and open. A kind of journey of discovery your own body. Many yoga styles follow rigid alignment rules that are based on a body structure (which should apply to every human being). Here it is assumed that all bodies are the same and therefore one alignment is correct for all bodies. This idea makes some things easy, but still far from healing. Human bodies are very different and come with different needs and abilities, which is very good and right. In my online Vinyasa classes I give you the opportunity to try, feel and decide for yourself what feels right for your body.

My online Vinyasa classes are often simply structured. So that you can follow well, I often keep them simple and relatively slow. Breathing exercises and short, simple meditations are often included and make the classes a well-rounded experience.

Online Vinyasa Yoga – your space

The word Vinyasa comes from Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient and sacred language and often difficult to translate. Many words often have multiple meanings. So also for the word vinyasa. In general, Vinyasa is described as follows:
“Nyasa” means “put, place” and “vi” means “in a certain way”. Whereby “put, place” means the body in motion and in position. And “in a certain way” means the mindfulness, intention, the connection with the breath. So in Vinyasa Yoga we move the body guided by the breath, inspired by an intention.

Vinyasa is definitely physical, there’s no question about that. However, intellect and personality are often in the foreground here. Especially when it comes to correct alignment. In asana-focused yoga styles, strict and rigid alignment rules are often used, and the focus is not on the body but on the mind.

Another approach that follows the body rather than the intellect is the somatic one. Here is the idea that the body knows its own way, and is free from only one right direction. Knowing what is good for the body and what is not, comes from within, and this can only be experienced through feeling. This approach builds a deep connection to the body. An approach that has become more and more important to me over the years and is also reflected more and more in my online classes. In my online Vinyasa classes as well as in my online Yin classes.

Are you curious?
Then please join in!
Or check my 5 tips for your yoga at home.
I’m looking forward to having you in class.

My Online classes:

Every Wednesday 9-10:15 German time via Zoom.

Or if you feel like relaxing, check out my online Yin yoga classes:
Every Thursday 8-9 German time via Zoom.

Both classes are recorded.
Only I can be seen on the recordings, never a participant. If you can’t be there live, I’ll be happy to send you the recording.

Or if you know people with special needs, perhaps due to age, disability, figure or tight tissue, that would like to practice yoga that is accessible, and inclusive, please inform them about my new class:

simple & unique. Inclusive Online Yoga. Saturday. 10:30 – 11:30 via Zoom.

I offer the following price scale:
10 € supportive (you pay for yourself & others)
8 € sustained (you pay for yourself)
6 € supported (the reduction is made possible by others)

If the supported price is not doable at the moment, please write to me to inquire about further discounts.


What level is the class suitable for?
Basically, the class is suitable for all levels. A little yoga experience is advisable. If you haven’t had any exposure to yoga before, please write to me to see if this class or perhaps one of my other classes will better suit your needs.

What do I need for the session
You need a yoga mat. And if you have 1-2 yoga blocks, a wool blanket, a pillow and a yoga strap, bring this equipment near you for the online yoga class. If you don’t have this equipment, that’s not a problem, because everything works without it.

I would like to take the class, but I don’t have time at 9:00, what now?
In this case, I would be happy to send you the recording. If you have any questions or requests in advance, let me know and I’ll try to incorporate them into your recording.

If you have any questions about the online vinyasa yoga classes, please write to me.


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