200h & 300h yoga teacher trainings in Bali



The ocean.
The waves.
Black sandy beaches.
Lush palm trees.
The jungle.
The mountains.
The volcanoes.
Wide rice fields.
Smiling people, everywhere.
The temples, the rituals, the ceremonies.
I don’t know exactly how and why, but Bali manages to be its own little cosmos harbouring gentle powers.

To me, the island feels like an embryo – providing an indescribable warmth and support. A sanctum of its own that wonderfully holds the space of a yoga teacher training.

Bali is the only predominantly Hindu island out of all the 17,508 islands that make up the island nation of Indonesia. Religious ceremonies and rituals are important and very sacred for most folks here. Due to the purity in their devotion, witnessing Balinese festivals is a very special experience. It is an open space where observation is often allowed, sometimes encouraged. Without getting the feeling of not being welcome or having to be religious as an observer.

Many of the ceremonies and rituals use the power of nature and the sensitivity of the human soul. Joining our 200h or 300h yoga teacher training in Bali is your opportunity to experience two such very special and auspicious ceremonies, if you wish. Visiting a secluded water temple for a sacred cleansing ceremony, mostly only known only to the locals and being blessed by a priest. These ceremonies instil in you an unforgettable and grounded heart opening experience.

Focus of our yoga teacher trainings in Bali


Studying yoga in Bali the openness of the body, mind, soul which is needed for a deep learning experience in a yoga teacher training is created, supported and nurtured viscerally by the island of Bali.

In our yoga teacher trainings you experience a balance between technique and inner awareness. Yoga is a process that progresses freely through the body and in which awareness of the body becomes an inner felt experience.

For me, vinyasa yoga is one of the most beautiful moving meditations. An aligning of the mind to my feeling-sense and my breath. The increase of mindfulness through movement, through asana, through breath and through meditation.

In our trainings the module which we emphasise more on is physical practices – the asanas to ensure an understanding of your body and its needs. The breathing, meditation and philosophical practices will broaden and refine your perspective of yoga, life and you – the self. Personal development exercises and modules in the areas of nervous system regulation support your understanding of ethics and integrity in the practice of yoga, making the training an incredibly well-rounded learning curve and an unique experience.




Our 200h & 300h yoga teacher trainings are recognised by the international Yoga Alliance. However, our programs are much more comprehensive than the guidelines of the Yoga Alliance and we have ensured its one of the most elaborate trainings. Harnessing our two decades of experience – we have carefully crafted these trainings which we share with you from our heart. Our incredible team of teachers are experts who share their in-depth knowledge with passion and sensitivity in the areas of their specialty:

• Individual development of one’s own asana, pranayama and meditation practice
• Embodied yoga philosophy
• Integrity and ethics: yoga off the mat
• Functional anatomy and physiology – physical and energetic
• Refinement of teachings skills such as voice, presence, timing and sequencing
• Nervous system regulation
• Non violent communication – expanding empathy and deepening relationships

The 300h yoga teacher training is my new and sincere heartfelt project. Here we dive deeper.

After taking a 200h yoga training often there comes the wish for more. A wish for more refinement, depth and inspiration in your practice, teachings and understandings of yoga. If you wish to take the next step on your path, join us for a deeply inner journey.

For me, yoga is an exercise that expands my mindfulness and increases my integrity to be more truthful, more self-confident and simply my most powerful self. Yoga for me started very physically – the asana practice took all the precedence. My motivation was to master certain asanas. I wanted to ‘go somewhere’ with my practice. Over time however, a shift happened. Now my practice is rooted. Today it is less important to me WHAT I practice, but much more important HOW I practice and HOW I feel doing it and afterwards.

This journey which I took to settling into my practice I would love to share and pass it onto you. Join us and let us be your guidance into your unique expression of your practice, dancing the balance of effort and ease, of power and grace, alignment and flow.

Giving you guidance on your very personal path will be my greatest honour and pleasure.

The carefully compiled modules creating the most comprehensive 300h Training Program:

Module 1-3: Advanced Asana
Module 4: Meditation & Pranayama advanced
Module 5: Yoga Psychology & Nonviolent Communication
Module 6: Functional Yoga Anatomy
Module 7: Yoga for a balanced nervous system
Module 8: Body, thoughts and emotions – Yoga and health in its entirety
Module 9: Yoga for physical Constraints
Module 10: Advanced Sequencing
Module 11: Applied Yoga Philosophy
Module 12: Yoga from a woman’s perspective
Module 13: Trauma Informed Yoga
Module 14-15: Supervision

Our trainings are intensive retreats suitable for people who want to teach yoga or to refine their teaching skills and equally for people who want to learn more about yoga, the body and life itself, without teaching yoga.


Special feature of the yoga teacher trainings in Bali


The 200h & 300h yoga teacher training in Bali, provides a particular importance to strengthening the connection to your own body and to your own inner knowing. As we believe that the only truth is within yourself.

We use our body and our mind as a medium for discovery and experience.
Today’s yoga classes often lead through postures and sequences without creating the possibility of discovering and realising what is actually happening in the body. Yet, if we take the opportunity for discover, unlocking and feeling, we refine and deepen our understanding and connection to our own body and truth.

In our training courses in Bali we use anatomical and physiological principles from Western medicine and science and add inner experience. Experienced anatomy, so to speak. We give theory its experience, its embodiment. A wonderful way to strengthen the connection to the body and to practice yoga, the refinement of perception and awareness.

I love to share my appreciation and conviction that yoga works, even if it is very individualistic for each person. My many years of experience allows for a multidimensional nature and guides you through a journey from the outside in.

If you feel drawn to our trainings please reach out.

Love, Frauke*