Study Yoga on Bali

… and what makes it special …
Since 2015, I always return to Bali and stay for a few months. The island has become another home for me.

Bali: like a little cosmos of its own.

If you know the island, maybe you know what I mean.

The Balinese culture is interwoven with ancient rituals and ceremonies, which continues to play an important role for most of the islanders. Several times a day, you can observe how small offerings with great grace are brought to the edges of the road, to the bigger and smaller temples. The offerings are a sign of gratitude for the light of the gods, but also for soothing the demons.

Every morning at 6:00, traditional songs, melodies and prayers sound near or far to thank the light and to greet the sun. This ritual also happens at 12 noon when the sun reaches its highest point, as well as at 18h when it slowly goes down.

It feels like a harmonious, natural flow of give and take. Gratitude for often self-evident things, is celebrated in big ceremonies. A warm, friendly, gentle yet strong atmosphere is created. The state of Yoga – being in harmony with what is, seems to be fully alive, creating a powerful space for a deep immersion in the teachings, philosophy, and spirituality of Yoga.

It feels like Yoga is alive here.

Not the physical Yoga, the asanas are practiced here by the locals. But the original, meditative, energetic part of Yoga is very present here. The power of mediation is known to the islanders. Many of the locals grew up with the Mahabaratha. The Mahabharata is an ancient document in which the Bhagavad Gita is part of. And the story of the Gita is often described as the heart of Yoga. When things are in balance, the free flow of energy arises. The need for balance reflects many of the countless rituals and ceremonies. Balancing opposites is also a big topic in Yoga, also in physical asana practice.

Bali is like a powerful soil that nourishes as well as transforms.

Study Yoga on Bali

It is particularly easy to immerse yourself in Yoga study through a Yoga Teacher Training. Many of the Yoga Trainings in Bali are intense and lasting between 3 and 4 weeks. A complete immersion into the world of Yoga, without distractions, to do’s and everyday life.

An exciting time.

At the beginning I was skeptical about such intensive training. I wondered how to do it, in such a short time, to understand the teaching of Yoga and to master the art and knowledge of a teacher.

Teaching Yoga is a skill that comes through a lot of practice, courage and confidence. This arises especially after this intense time of Training.

Many of the 3-4 week programs are absolute retreats where you can quickly enter a state of Yoga through a magical short cut. Yoga is no longer a philosophy, but an experience that profoundly benefits your future teaching, if you want to teach. Your lessons are based on real experiences and experiences. From experience, Yoga can teach the most powerful and your students will certainly feel this and appreciate it.

Yoga is a way in which it is all about experience and practice, less about theory.

To me personally, both is important. The trainings I lead, practice as well as theory take a high priority. I care a lot about communicating philosophy through both experience and reason. A deep study of Yoga will show you how complex the wide range of Yoga can be, your practice will refine, and you will move to the next level, both physical and spiritual.

A special feature of our 24-day intensive training is that after the training you will be accompanied for another 4 months online to refine especially the art of teaching, but also to continue to have the opportunity to go into an exchange and ask questions. The transition from an intense retreat back to the world often requires patience and gentleness and here you will not be left alone.

Study Yoga on Bali

As mentioned above, attending a Yoga Training is great for studying Yoga, its philosophy and all its facets. A 3-4 week intensive program creates the foundation for your further study, which you choose yourself. For example, in our Yoga Teacher Training Bali , we are dedicated to the art of Vinyasa Yoga Flow. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic Yoga style that creates meditation in motion through the combination of breath and movement. Power arising from gentleness as well as vice versa. In an intelligent, professional, creative way, we share what Yoga has given us.

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

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