Yoga Teacher Training Berlin


Frauke Schroth, Victor Thiele & Team

Yoga lessons are not only about a sophisticated technique, but also about a balanced inner attitude. In our Yoga Teacher Training Berlin, we introduce the art of teaching open-minded and undogmatic. Deep insights into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga are just as important as technical content as anatomy, orientation, business start-up. Thus, our Yoga Teacher Training is for yogis who want to learn teaching, who want to experience yoga on a physical as well as spiritual level, or who want to take their own practice to the next level.

Yoga Teacher Training Berlin: Overview

· Individual development of your own asana, pranayama and meditation practice
· Introduction to the philosophy and the full spectrum of yoga and the associated inner work
· Training in anatomy, physiology as well as energetical anatomy
· Learning teaching skills such as voice, presence, timing and ethics
· Practice for the fullest personal and spiritual development
· Important insights into the yoga market and the start-up of one’s own teaching career

In our yoga teacher training Berlin you will find a harmonious balance between technical, logical teaching subjects and the lessons that are dedicated to the energetic, subtle side, as well as the inner work in yoga: meditation, breathing exercises, visualization, sound and philosophy. A powerful balance you will also find within the harmony in the team of teachers: Victor Thiele, Frauke Schroth and the guest-teachers will pass on their knowledge and experience with great joy, passion and professionalism.

The Yoga Teacher Training Berlin provides a solid foundation that you need to teach yoga. The asana styles we focus on are Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Power Vinyasa Flow at yogafürdich – style. With the completion of the training, you will be able to teach classes in the style of Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga or simply classes in Yoga.

In our yoga training, the spiritual component and the inner work is a big part in our program. It provides an opportunity to encounter yourself on your own personal yoga journey, as well as the opportunity to take your own practice, physically and spiritually, to the next level, regardless of whether you want to teach yoga later or not. It is important to us that you gain a good understanding of anatomy, both physically and energetically. The importance of alignment in asanas, as well as the inner attitude during teaching and everyday life, are brought to you from the ground up, in a comprehensible and practice-oriented way. This powerful foundation allows you to guide yourself and your students safely and confidently through yoga classes that are motivating, inspiring, and healing.

Yoga Teacher Training Berlin – Focus

The contents of the Yoga Teacher Training Berlin are divided into the following topics:
· Practice: physical & spiritually, at home and in teaching
· Anatomy & Chakra Theory: Structure of the physical and energetic body, alignment & hands on
· Teaching methods: voice, sequencing, intention
· Meditation and pranayama: teaching and practicing
· Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics & Business: How everything works together.

Minimum of one year of regular practice, at least 3 times a week.

Yoga Teacher Training Berlin – Program

During the Yoga Teacher Training Berlin we start Saturday and Sunday with an intensive morning practice. In the afternoons and evenings, we devote ourselves to the deeper study of anatomy, and dive deeper into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. In our Workshops you will dive deeper topics such as expression through your voice, spiritual development and creating peace through a way of living. You will bring that what you have learned quickly into practice, through assisting open classes right from the beginning of the training. So you learn to be in direct contact with yourself, your students, and other people.

Own practice, self-study and reflection make up a big part of your homework.

The training program promotes a powerful, highly creative process that will make you develop your truest, fullest, individual potential in all possible directions. It helps you to find, follow and trust your inner voice.

During the program, your teaching skills will refine. Through a lot of practice and valuable feedback, your abilities as a teacher will quickly deepen.

The Yoga Teacher Training Berlin is particularly suitable for yogis who want to be introduced to the art of teaching. More and more yoga practitioners are looking for an intense exploration of yoga. Yoga students that wish to take their yoga practice physically and spiritually to the next level and learn more about the different aspects of yoga will deeply benefit from this training. The practices on and off the mat as well as the coordination, of a team of very experienced yoga teachers, creates an extraordinary teacher training.

Yoga Teacher Training Berlin – Team

Victor Thiele – Founder of yogafürdich Berlin
Victor is a free spirit, who has learned through years of practice and especially from his own experience to combine and unite the ancient tradition of yoga with living a modern life. His lessons are authentic, very clear and precise, often challenging and intense and yet he leaves plenty of room for the fun and enjoyment of yoga.

In the yoga teacher training Victor takes over the teaching units on asana alignment, sequencing and teaching methodology. He also provides helpful information and inspiration on how to create a successful business as a yoga teacher.

Frauke Schroth – Founder of wild earth alive
For Frauke Yoga started on a strongly physical level. Today, her practice and her lessons are a balanced mix of physical, mental and spiritual exercises. Peace, love, grounding, awareness and clarity are qualities that are often experienced in your lessons. Today, Frauke lives in Bali and travels back to Berlin for trainings, workshops and events. Inspired and enchanted by the heartfelt energy of balinese culture, the natural flow of giving and receiving that is lived on the island, she passes on her knowledge and her experience of Yoga with gentleness, clarity and passion.

During her training, Frauke takes over the units on chakras, inner work, meditation and yoga philosophy, here she transfers themes from the classical texts into our present time.

Sandra Winkens, Rike Plößl, Judith Wolff, Agata Dlugos, Judith Vogel-Weissinger, Cristina Arau are passionate professionals in their field. They will accompany the training with workshops in the areas of relaxation and breathing techniques, anatomy, philosophy, peace work, voice and personal development.

Yoga Teacher Training Berlin – Location and Dates

The Yoga Teacher Training Berlin training begins on August 31, 2018 and covers more than 200 total hours of direct contact, thus exceeding the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 200h qualification.

Dates 2022

1. Weekend: 26. – 28.08.2022 // Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa & Core

2. Weekend: 02. – 04.09.2022 // Voice Training, Pranayama & Sun Salutations

One Week Intensiv: 24. – 30.09.2022 // A Journey through the Chakra Philosophy

3. Weekend: 18. – 20.11.2022 // Standing Poses and Yoga Philosophy

4. Weekend: 13. – 15.01.2023 // Hip-opener and Pranayama

5. Weekend: 17. – 19.02.2023 // Vorwardbends and Savasana Vorbeugen und Entspannungstechniken

6. Weekend: 17. – 19.03.2023 // Backbends and Yoga Philosophy

7. Weekend: 21. – 23.04.2023 // Inversions and Sequencing

8. Weekend: 02. – 04.06.2023 // Armbalances and Peace

9. Weekend: 04. – 06.08.2023 // Voice Training, Yoga & Emotionen and how all interrelates

10. Weekend: 18. – 20.08.2023 // yogafürdich Open House & Exams


Location and Times

The yoga training takes place in Berlin. Beautiful, clear rooms at central location.

The times of the weekend modules are usually:
Fridays from 18:30 – 21:30
Saturdays from 8:00 to 15:30
Sundays from 8:00 to 15:30

The times during the intensive week:
Saturday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:30

Changes in the timeline will always be announced in good time.

Yoga Teacher Training Berlin – Prices

Regular: 4.000 €
Reduced (students, low earners): 3.800 €
For all prices an installment payment (without surcharge) is possible.

Included in the price are all contact hours and lessons according to the syllabus, a handbook for training and use of rooms, if available, as well as a yfd flatrate.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our Yoga Teacher Training Berlin.


How big are the training Groups?

The training groups will have a maximum of 26 participants.

So an active and lively exchange is possible. And we can continue to pay attention to smaller, individual needs and take into account.

Are there study groups or similar in the curriculum where you gain initial teaching experience and receive feedback?

Yes. You will practice from the beginning to bring what you have learned into practice.

In smaller and larger groups. Feedback and exchange is very important to us. Immediately after the exercises there will receive feedback from the teaching team.

On which teaching level do you focus in the training?

In training, you will learn especially how to guide beginners safe and confident through yoga classes.

However, in the sessions dealing with our own practice, we will go through all levels.

What’s the exam?

We wish you to celebrate your graduation with joy and fun. That’s why we let you decide.

If teaching and feedback are important to you, you will be given the opportunity to teach a yoga class during our Open House on the final training weekend. Here you have our full attention and get our feedback afterwards.

Or you can do a writing exam.

Or if teaching yoga is not important to you, you share with us something else you love.

Since there are very different types of learning, the design of our exam is open. We do not want to test you, but see the part in you that wants to shine.

Is there any literature you can recommend?

Yes! Look here:

teaching methodology:
John Heider – The TAO of leadership
Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha

chakras :
Caroline Myss – Anatomy Of The Spirit
Anodea Judith – Eastern Body, Western Mind

Yoga Philosophy & Tradition:
Jack Hawley – Bhagavadgita: A contemporary version for Western readers
Yogi Hari – Hatha Yoga Pradipikha
Desikashar – The Heart of Yoga
Sukadev V. Bretz – The yoga wisdom of Patanjali for today’s people

Yoga Today:
Sarah Powers – Insight Yoga
Miriam Austin – Cool Yoga Tricks
Hager-Forstenlechner, Larsen, van Lessen – Medical Yoga professional
Ana Forrest – Fierce Medicine

Yoga literature is endless. The books mentioned are merely recommendations. Choose the books that are particularly appealing and exciting to you at the moment.

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