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Frauke Schroth & Flora Fernandez


Yoga & Holistic Health

A series of workshops where we use the ancient modalities of Yoga & Ayurveda with Nutrition & Herbalism to create more overall balance in our modern lives and find optimal health on all levels: body, mind & heart.

The Spring Edition: healthy gut & strong immunity

Reawaken this spring. An interactive workshop where we’ll be exploring the importance of our immunity and how it is connected to gut health. Together we’ll learn simple ways to strengthen both the immune system and the gut, and feel vibrant this spring through Yoga, Rituals, Ayurveda, Life Style, Food & Herbs.

What we’ll be covering:

* How to balance the heavy, cold, wet energies (Earth & Water Elements/Kapha in Ayurveda) of the season through movement, lifestyle, breath, nutrition & herbs
* What we can do to strengthen our immune system and our gut in this turbulent time
* What we can easily do to create more energy and vitality when we are feeling out of balance this season, including some fun & easy springtime rituals
* How to use spring as a time to activate transformation, growth, and resilience in our lives

Spring is a time of reactivation, transformation, and growth. But for many of us, we’re still feeling the effects of winter: heaviness, sluggishness, maybe even exhaustion. Although this is totally normal, there are ways to awaken from our wintersleep and feel more vibrant than ever! In this workshop we’ll learn what these ways are, so that we have the energy and resilience to take on all the challenges and joys this season of change brings.

Dates for Yoga + Holistic Health Spring Edition: healthy gut & strong immunity

Join us on Sunday, March 28 from 11:00 – 13:00 on Zoom
Price: Normal 40€ reduced 35€*
* If you do not have any resources at the moment and feel that the workshop is just right for you, write me an email to:

Important note: The workshop is taught in English and limited to 12 people.

* one recorded 45 minute ‘ Yoga for Spring’ class with Frauke
* an e-Handout with tips, resources, and recipes focusing on the immune system and gut health

We can’t wait to spend this time with you and together create some springtime magic!


About us

Flora Fernandez
Everything changed in summer of 1997 when I took my first yoga class. I left the studio feeling like I was walking on air. This sparked a life-changing journey which led me to deepen my practice through Yoga Teacher Training. This in turn lit the fire for yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, so I went on to receive training to become an Ayurvedic Health Coach with specializations in nutrition, hormone-balancing, and digestion. Since the herbal learnings in Ayurveda fascinated me so much, I embarked on my next journey and got certified as an Herbalist.

My passion for supporting women through these ancient and modern modalities have led me to open up a practice which combines the elements of yoga, Ayurveda, plant-based nutrition, and herbalism called DOUBLE ARROW Health Lab. Through these ancient and modern modalities, I hope to empower women to feel their best through self-care, ritual, botanicals and food as medicine.

This workshop will bring together these elements in a fun and joyful way. Let’s embrace the opportunity to come together in this challenging time to make small steps for big change. I really hope to see you there!

Frauke Schroth
I am teaching Yoga full-time since almost 12 years now and guiding Yoga Teacher Trainings since 5 years. And it is still my big passion to share with you what Yoga gives me on a daily basis: grounding, and an honest connection to myself, others and the earth. To me yoga, especially the whole spectrum of it, is a great tool to widen awareness, to be able to connect parts within myself that has been disconnected.
I really look forward to seeing you in our workshop! As it is my hope to empower us, you and me, to walk the path of healing and growth.

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