Yoga & Holistic Health


Frauke Schroth


Yoga & Holistic Health

A workshop that invites you to bring more balance into our modern life in order to create optimal conditions for health on many levels: body, mind and soul.

Yoga & Holistic Health

In this Workshop you will learn the importance of holism and how yoga works on a physical, mental-emotional, and subtle, spiritual level. The main purpose of this workshop is to broaden the view beyond the body and to increase the understanding that we humans are interconnected on many levels.

Enjoy dynamic yoga asanas to regain balance and strength on a physical level, meditation to calm your mind and self-reflection to embrace your soul.

A well-rounded yoga workshop that reminds you of simplicity in complexity.


When: September 11, 10:00 – 12:00
Where: Yogastudio Atempause, Gröpertor 1, 38442 Wolfsburg/Fallersleben
Price: Normal 45€ reduced 40€*

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