Ritual Space // Yoga and Rituals



Frauke Schroth & Nadine Bewernick

Ritual Space // Yoga and Rituals

In the flow with YOURSELF, your energy, your needs.

Our chakras are energy centers for health and vitality. Each one is connected to important hormonal glands and special life issues.

In this workshop, we would like to invite you to reconnect to each individual chakra, through feeling and reflecting. How connected are you with yourself? Are there any imbalances?

Flow with us through a transforming yoga practice and get to know the qualities of the individual energy centers. Learn how you can use the qualities of the individual chakras to nourish, strengthen and connect yourself. Find out how you can use appropriate yoga asanas, visualizations, meditations and sounds – adapted to the individual centers!

• Journey through the chakra system from the base to the crown
• Visualizations for opening the 3rd eye
• Training the mind-body connection
• Times for self-reflection in your chakra journal

Where: Yogabande, Fröbelstraße 18, Hannover Linden-Nord
When: September 12, 12:00 – 16:00
How much: 45 € / reduced 40 €
Registration: directly at the Yogabande

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