Peace Retreat


Frauke Schroth & Cristina Arau


Co-Creating a Culture of Peace


Spiritual Activism – Personal, Social, and Spiritual Practice


Retreat Language will be English.

Community. Nature. Conscious Co-Creation.
This retreat invites you to embark on a transformative inner and outer journey using the tools of radical self-inquiry, yoga, meditation, and spiritual activism.

Spiritual Activism is positioned at the intersection of personal practice and social change. It guides us to cultivate the courage and capacity to be led by the wisdom of the heart and grounded in the reality of what is to co-create a vibrant and resilient culture of peace.

During this Intensive Retreat, you will experience how shared inquiry and practice will enable you to unlock the truth that lies beyond limiting beliefs and social constructs allowing you to (re-)connect with your deepest knowing and greatest potential. Through radical self-inquiry, yoga, meditation, rituals, and the connection to Mother Earth we can realize the power of our practice to embody the change we wish to create in the world and become catalysts for collective healing, transformation, and peace.


A week in purest nature


This week has absolute retreat character. You are immersed in the nurturing surrounding of pure nature, the vastness of wide fields, and the magic of sparkling night skies. Every day you can observe how the the sun is rising and falling (re-)connecting to the natural rhythm of life and your inner nature. Being close to nature supports the powerful combination of personal, social, and spiritual practice, and provides a safe space to (re-)connect with ourselves, each other, and the greater Whole.

Seven magical days in the nourishing field of nature, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and Spiritual Activism will be guided in an embodied, powerful, and sensitive way by Frauke Schroth and Cristina Arau.

Our global society is in need of conscious co-creation that can only come from people who are willing to do the inner work necessary that enables us to engage in the world from a place of connection, presence, and love. The first service that we bring to the world is our energy. But we cannot stop there. The challenges of our time are calling us to go deep within in order to reach out far and to co-create lasting change from the inside out for the whole of our society. This retreat invites you to practice exactly that in a loving and conscious community. What we practice on the small scale sets the pattern for the whole system.

Let’s Co-Create Together!


Meet Your Teachers

Frauke Schroth is a multiple trained yoga and meditation teacher and is leading Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2016. She is known for her open, positive nature and inspiring way to teach yoga.

Frauke’s classes create a balance of physical and subtle practices. Peace, love, grounding, clarity, openness are qualities that are often experienced during her sessions. Today, Frauke lives part time in Bali and travels regularly to Europe for leading trainings, workshops and retreats. Inspired and enchanted by the warm, gentle power of Balinese culture, the natural flow of giving and receiving that reigns on the island, she shares her knowledge of yoga with gentleness, passion and clarity. In her classes she integrates dynamic and quiet yoga styles, precise as well as individual alignment, meditation, visualization and intention to create an inner journey towards health, peace and self-esteem.

Frauke’s passion is to empower and inspire living a self-determined way of life. She is an ambassador of Off the Mat, Into the World® and a member of the collaborative initiative For Peace.

Cristina Arau is a visionary creator, founder and executive director of the non-profit organization Love for Life and the collaborative initiative For Peace. Cristina studied International Development and a Master of Arts Program in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation. As a humanitarian and peace worker she worked in numerous countries around world for the UN and other organizations prior to founding her own NGO dedicated to bringing together the inner and out work realizing that our state of doing is informed by our state of being. Love for Life’s mission is dedicated to creating conscious, sustainable change to empower people and protect nature. Her new initiative For Peace promotes the establishment of a Federal Ministry for Peace in Germany and the adoption of a UN Resolution calling for the creation of cabinet-level Departments of Peace worldwide. For Peace is building an embodied, people-powered movement from the bottom up and inside out to elevate consciousness and strengthen participation in politics, policy, and society. Cristina is a multiple-trained yoga and meditation teacher, ambassador of Off the Mat, Into the World® and a member of the ‘Safety, Security and Peace Constellation’ of Rising Women Rising World.


About the Location – Four Trees Portugal


The Four Trees is a truly fabulous place for our transformative journey, surrounded by the beauty and vastness of nature. This place inspires a sense of peace and openness already upon arrival. Two terraces provide a beautiful space for our sessions, one with the view to enjoy the sunrise, the other with a direct view to the sunset. In between sessions the natural salt water pool allows for refreshment and for an apnea class that will be part of our program. The 30 football fields big farmland offers natural trails for walking, strolling around, and being with horses, chickens and the farmland dog.

As we love nature and the Earth, so we value vegan cuisine from sustainable sources. Some of which are harvested directly on the farm, others are bought from local producers as much as possible. Delicious!

Your summer retreat in the beauty of nature: Subtle. Truthful. Powerful.



8:00 – 9:30 Yoga
10:00 Brunch
11:00 – 14:00 Workshop Session
14:30 Snack
15:00 – 17:00 Freetime, Apnoe or Workshop Session
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Freetime, Yin Yoga or Meditation


Dates & Prices

When: June 19-26, 2020
Where: Four Trees Portugal

Price for Seminar:
550 €* Community Rate (discounted)
650 € Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
750 € Suporter Rate (supports others as well as yourself)

* It is important to us to support others. If you can afford to, please consider paying it forward by paying any amount above 550€. This allows us to continue scaling the prices of our retreats and trainings so that everyone is included. We are committed to cultivating a diversity of life experiences in our intensives and making them accessible to people of all income levels.

Price for accommodation & vegan full board: 455 € in a double room, glamping tent or 4 bedroom

Seminar fee includes:
10x Yoga & Meditation sessions á 90min (mornings and evenings)
8x Workshop sessions on co-creating a Culture of Peace á 180min
1x Apnea session (free diving)

Places are limited to 12 participants.

If you have questions about the Peace Retreat, please contact:

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