Online Yoga Classes



Frauke Schroth

Online Yoga Classes

Join me Wednesday’s and Saturday’s for a livestream yoga class via zoom.

My online classes are simple, classic, yet creative sequences, within a balance of strength and gentleness. We will touch on themes like grounding, presence and intuition. In every session we create a connective space even through an online medium. I really look forward to seeing you this way!

8 € per class is recommended, whereas you decide the amount. If you do not have any resources or income yourself, please join the classes without payment!

Please check the schedule shortly before class, as sometimes classes need to be canceled.

In Bali Internet connection is very stable. Yet in rainy season the rain, sometimes rain, can have a not so good effect on the connection. This can happen without any notice. I cannot promise to be able to show up to all sessions, as electricity occasionally fails spontaneously. I hope for your understanding.


Wednesdays in german.

10 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Berlin time.

This class has a vitalising yet calming effect. It incorporates longer breathing exercises, meditations, and dynamic asana parts. Open for all levels.

Saturdays in english.

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Berlin time.

This class is rhythmic and powerful yet centering. It is open to all levels and a mix of guided meditation, breathing exercises and yoga asana.

Join me.

All classes will be on zoom.
If you are interested in joining, please send an email
then I will forward the zoom information and payment details.

I look forward to seeing you*


giving back

During the first months of Corona Pandemic, the online classes enabled small contributions to be passed on to people and projects in need. For which the small contributions made a big difference. I am very grateful for this possibility.

Here is an overview of the people and projects that could be supported by the online classes:

May ’20: € 240 went to my Balinese friend to continue paying the fees for her nephew’s college, as well as materials he needs for his studies.

June ’20: € 180 went to the Balinese village Mengening, and was given to the villagers in the form of food.

July ’20: € 75 went to the crowdfunding campaign for the project ‘ Urban Biologists Bali ‘.

November ’20: € 180 went to India, to support the establishment of a venture where environmental justice and protection is first priority.

Do you want to participate?

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