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Frauke Schroth & Team


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali

*Our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali is taught in english.*
Next dates: February 1st – 27th 2023
After completion of the first yoga teacher training, it becomes clear how complex and diverse the yoga teachings are. The desire to continue learning, growing and expanding the understanding of yoga is often intensified. Our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali provides the opportunity to delve further into the world of yoga and will take your practice and your teachings to the next level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali you will gain deeper experience, understanding and knowledge in the areas of advanced yoga asana, functional yoga anatomy and yoga philosophy, the chakra system, meditation, pranayama and self development.

Subjects we will cover:
* how to design teachings for advanced practitioners
* the understanding of body, mind and breath from an ancient as well as from a scientific point of view
* how yoga can prevent stress related disease and promote health
* nervous system regulation
* functional yoga anatomy in depth
* yoga for people with special needs: physical limitations and mental conditions
* yoga for cyclic humans
* how to expand as a yoga practitioner, teacher and as a human

We dedicate time and space for your practice, so you can experience your yoga on a deeper level and embody new learned content through your own inner experience.


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali // the concept

In addition to a sophisticated technique, yoga is about a balanced inner attitude. Acquired knowledge, inner presence, sensitivity and expertise make your yoga classes a profound experience for your students. Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali creates a harmonious balance between technical, medical and logical teachings and teachings which are dedicated to the mental, emotional and spiritual work in yoga.

Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is at the same time an intensive retreat in which you will experience a powerful, very creative process that will lead you to develop your fullest and very individual self in all possible directions. Enjoy the freedom to choose and live your truest uniqueness.

The yoga style we focus on during this training is Vinyasa Yoga.

Take the opportunity to meet yourself on your very personal yoga path, to refine and to expand your practice and your teachings- physically and spiritually – whether you teach yoga or not.

Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali consists of a total of 15 modules. 12 modules will take place in Bali, 3 modules will take place online via Zoom.

The online modules provide inspiration for your own practice and teaching and invigorate your existing foundation as a yoga teacher.

The deliberately chosen combination of in person and online sessions enables you to have an intensive, transformative experience during the face-to-face units in Bali as well as the necessary time to integrate, process and practice during the online units in your usual environment.

12 in person modules // total of 240h
Module 1: Advanced Asana I: Hips & Heart
Module 2: Advanced Asana II: Arm Balances and Inversions
Module 3: Advanced Asana III: Intensity and Simplicity
Module 4: Advanced Meditation & Pranayama
Module 5: Yoga Psychology & Non Violent Communication
Module 6: Functional Yoga Anatomy
Module 7: Yoga for a balanced nervous system
Module 8: Body, thoughts, emotions – yoga and health in its integrity – a journey through the chakras
Module 9: Yoga for physical limitations
Module 10: Advanced Sequencing
Module 11: Applied and embodied Yoga Philosophy
Module 12: Supervision

3 online modules // total of 60h
Module 1: Yoga from a women’s perspective á 20h // july 2023
Module 2: Trauma informed Yoga á 30h // november 2023
Module 3: Supervision á 10h // april 2024

Yoga can be a powerful tool when it comes to health promotion & prevention. In our Yoga Anatomy, Asana, Meditation and Chakra sessions you will learn how Yoga can be a treatment for certain physical limitations and mental conditions. As well as how Yoga can be practiced preventive to support overall health.

300h Yoga Teacher Training Bali // the specialty


What is special about our 300h Yoga Teacher Training Bali is the harmonious balance of technical knowledge and the space that turns information into an experience. Especially during the modules in Bali, far away from everyday life, the hustle and bustle and routine, the focus is on experiencing yoga internally. Bali, an island where being stands before doing, supports the inner alignment in an extraordinary way. The balance in content goes hand in hand with the harmony within the team of teachers: Frauke Schroth and the guest teachers from the fields of anatomy, health, voice, communication, femininity, and yoga philosophy are specialists in their fields and pass on their knowledge and experience with joy, passion and professionalism.

We are here to support your personal development enormously, you will expand and solidify your foundation as a yoga teacher, which enables you to guide and support your students on their way with self-confidence, safety, authenticity and inspiration.

It is very important to us to transfer the ancient wisdom of yoga, its philosophy and spirituality to the present time. In our fast-paced world, it is important to actively transfer yoga practice into everyday life and to understand how preventive, health-promoting, healing and regulating yoga can be in a fast-paced life.


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training // Program

Daily schedule:
Sunrise with the lush green of the wide rice paddies (optional)
7:00 – 9:30 practice asana, meditation, pranayama
10:30 – 13:00 Training and workshops in anatomy, yoga philosophy, voice, communication and purpose
15:00 – 18:00 Asana and Chakra Lab: Detailed look on the asanas physically and energetically
Sunset with the lush green of the wide rice paddies or the beach (optional)
20:00 – 21:30 Breathwork, Meditation, Journaling, self-care or massages


Your day in the training

Your day starts, if you wish, with the sunrise, walking or meditating. Being charged by fresh air, a light breeze, village calmness: grounding and opening. Let yourself be guided through an extensive yoga session each morning. To refine your own practice and to get a deeper understanding of your own body and its needs. During the day you’ll be focusing on yoga anatomy, asana alignment – physical and energetical, yoga philosophy, voice training, personal-development, living purpose, creating peace and impact. In the afternoon during the Asana and Chakra Labs, you dive into the study of advanced asana, pranayama and meditation, in detail and in depth.

New knowledge you put directly into practice, through observing, assisting and teaching. This supports you with being in direct contact with yourself and your students.


Is this Teacher Training right for you?

If you wish to expand your knowledge and understanding about yogas full spectrum, its philosophy and science, and if you wish to refine your yoga practice and your teachings, this training is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

In our four weeks together you will experience yoga in its origin, your practice and your teachings will broaden and intensify.

This Training is equally suitable if you wish to inspire your practice and your teachings, as well as if you wish to deepen only your practice, learning more about yoga, without being or becoming a yoga teacher.

The balance of physical and mental topics of yoga as well as the harmony in our team of experienced teachers, trainers and coaches, creates an extraordinary yoga teacher training.


Advanced Yoga Training Bali // Team

Frauke Schroth (Germany) – Yoga Teacher
Frauke, is the founder of wild earth alive and your main teacher throughout the Yoga Teacher Training Bali.
Yoga started for her on a strongly physical level. Today, her practice as well as her teachings are a balanced mix of physical, mental and spiritual practices. Peace, grounding, awareness and clarity are qualities that are often experienced in her classes. Today, Frauke lives in Bali and travels back to her home country for hosting trainings, workshops and retreats. Inspired and enchanted by the heartfelt energy of Balinese culture, the natural flow of giving and receiving that reigns on the island, she shares her knowledge about yoga with kindness, passion and professionalism.

During the training, Frauke takes over the units on asanas, chakras, meditation and on yoga philosophy, here she transfers themes from the classical texts into our present time.

Jonathan Matahi Lefevre (Tahiti) – Osteopath
Jono was born in Tahiti and grew up with hippie parents between Polynesia, Bali, and India. After a long, formative period of traveling across Asia and studying meditative practices and Earth medicine, he eventually went into more academic training. He graduated from the Kimura Shiatsu Institute in Tokyo, Japan, the University of San Diego, California, U.S.A. and the British School of Osteopathy, in London, U.K. His work combines various elements and mind-body techniques from all these different traditions, yet he specializes in myofascial osteopathic work and shamanic emotional release.

During the training, Jono takes over the units on anatomy, meditation, yoga philosophy and spiritual practices.

Jane Chen (Indonesia) – Artist, Choreographer and Voice Trainer
Jane is the founder of Scent, Motion and Sound.
Her creative force, passion and appreciation in the beauties of many cultures, arts and healing is endless. In her friendly and intimate circles you go on a journey from silence into sound and then back to silence. Like being born, alive and going home to where you belong, to your original rhythmic pulsation.

During the training, Jane takes over the units on voice training.

Rob (U.K.) – CNVC (Center for Nonviolent Communication) Certified Trainer, Mediator and Coach
Rob has been a counselor since 1992, specialising in communication and relationship skills. He was introduced to Nonviolent Communication by its creator, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, at a Mediation training in London in 1999. Inspired and motivated by the practice of NVC and by his vision to create more peace on our planet he committed to support individuals, couples, families and groups of people in conflict by mediating and coaching them in NVC.

Non-Violent-Communication (NVC) is a process of empathy and honesty that deepens the quality of our connection – strengthening our ability to respond compassionately to others and ourselves – by focusing our awareness on our intention to connect, our attention on the present moment, and paying special attention to observations, feelings, needs and requests.

The heart of NVC is to identify universal human needs and what can be done to meet those needs. It is known to be effective even in situations of longstanding conflict or hostility. NVC can open new doors to compassionate connection and action.

Knowing and understanding NVC as a yoga teacher and as a human is especially helpful and important when it comes to teacher-student dynamics.

During the training there will be units on authentic communication which are truly empowering as well as eye and heart opening.

In addition, the Breathwork Bali team will guide you through powerfully regulating breath journeys. To strengthen connection and acceptance within yourself.


300h training time // Yoga Alliance Certification

Our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali meets the international guidelines of the Yoga Alliance (YA) and is therefore recognized by the YA. The 300 Hours of advanced training builds up on an already completed 200 hour basic yoga teacher training. Upon successful completion of the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali you will receive a certificate accredited by the Yoga Alliance.


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali // date, prices & space


Next date: February 1st – 27th 2023
Regular: 3.900€
Reduced: 3.400€ for students & people with lower income
partly scholarship: 2.600€*

*We can provide a limited number of partial scholarships that will cover part of the cost of the training. Please write to us directly and apply only if you have urgend finacial needs: mail@wildearthalive.com

Additional costs for accommodation and food in our Bali villa, not far from Canggu:
Single room, full board included: from €1590
Shared double room, full board included: from €1400

27 days at our training location: A stunning villa with a beautiful tropical garden, large pool and our yoga shala. During these 26 nights, 3 delicious vegan meals per day are included.

Payment in instalments (without extra charge) is possible for all prices.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali // Application


Please click here to fill in our application form, after filling out the form, send it to mail@wildearthalive.com. We will get back to you shortly.

We look forward to receiving your application!

If you have any questions regarding the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Bali, please send us an email: mail@wildearthalive.com

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