200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Bali



Frauke Schroth & Team

– The training is taught in English –

From March 3rd – March 28th 2022.

Experience your yoga in it’s full spectrum.
Enjoying Bali’s magical surroundings and it’s gentle power, during our yoga teacher training.

The peaceful tranquility of a traditional balinese village, 4 renowned, passionate teachers, pure transformation, each day, surrounded by natures beauty of black sandy beaches, wide rice paddies and palm trees.

Our 200h yoga teacher training is accredited by the International Yoga Alliance and provides a solid foundation to become a yoga teacher, if you wish.

Our passion is to share yoga in all it’s facets. You will experience a balanced content of yoga philosophy, practices to integrate yoga and it’s spirituality into your daily life, yoga anatomy, yoga asana alignment for teaching groups as well as individuals, the chakra system, all blended with the harmony, professionalism and experience within our team of teachers, with nutritious wholesome, vegan food and environment close to nature.

200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Contents that are covered during our 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Bali:
• Individual development of your own asana, pranayama and meditation practice
• Introduction to the full spectrum and the philosophy of yoga
• Training in yoga anatomy, physiology and the science of the chakras
• Refining teaching skills such as voice, presence, timing and ethics
• Practices that show you how to use your fullest potential
• Integrity of yoga into your everyday life: living yoga ‘off the mat’

A great features of the Yoga Teacher Training Bali

The greatest features of the Yoga Teacher Training Bali:
• Feel and integrate: our Sound Healer guides you through most powerful sound meditations and healings as an easy way to integrate the training contents and to expand your feeling body
• Empower yourself: one extraordinary active life coach, shares with you her wisdom about “Heart to Heart” Communication
• A journey through the 7 Chakras: diving deeply into your self and your personal source of power
• Voice training: our power house Jane Chen, guides you into the fullest of your vocal expression
• Online mentorship program: refining your teaching skills in our included and optional online mentorship program

In addition to a sophisticated technique, yoga is about a balanced inner attitude. Open minded and non-dogmatic, we pass on the art of teaching yoga. You will experience deep insights within the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. And gain profound understanding of yoga anatomy and alignment.

The training is at the same time an intensive retreat in which you experience a powerful, creative process that will teach you how to embrace your truest, fullest individual self.

Very special in our training is the harmonious balance between the sessions that are about technique and logic, and the lessons that are dedicated to subtle, inner work: meditation, breathing exercises, visualisation, sound and rituals, philosophy and intention, self-inquiry and the integration of yoga into your everyday life, even off your yoga mat.

Our 200h Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Bali provides a solid foundation that you need to teach yoga. Our teaching style is mindful Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Use this opportunity to encounter yourself more intensively on your own personal yoga path. And take the opportunity to bring your own practice – physical and spiritual – to the next level, whether you want to teach yoga or not.

A good understanding of anatomy – both physically and energetically – is most easily achieved by understanding how to feel one’s own body as well as by observing other bodies. With a practical approach, ease, professionalism, charm and joy you will be introduced into the world of yoga anatomy. You will gain a powerful foundation that will allow you to guide your students safe and confident through yoga classes that are motivating and inspiring.

The contents are divided into the following priorities:
• Practice: physical and spiritual
• Anatomy: physical and energetical
• Teaching methods: voice, timing and structure, sequencing, variations, intention setting and holding space
• Meditation and Pranayama: teaching and practicing
• Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics: How everything works together.

A minimum of one year yoga practice.

Yoga Teacher Training Bali – the Program

Daily schedule:
Sunrise at the beach (optional)
7:00 – 9:30 practice asana, meditation, pranayama
10:30 – 13:00 Training and workshops in anatomy, yoga philosophy, voice, communication and forgiveness, purpose and peace.
15:00 – 18:00 Asana and Chakra Lab: Detailed look on the asanas physically and energetically.
Sunset at the beach (optional)
20:00 – 21:30 Sound Meditation, Diary, self-care

Your day in the training

Your day starts, if you wish, with the sunrise, walking or meditating. Being charged by fresh air and a light breeze: grounding, invigorating, opening. Let yourself be guided through an extensive yoga session each morning. To refine your own practice and to get a deeper understanding of your own body and its needs. During the day you’ll be focusing on yoga anatomy, asana alignment – physical and energetical, yoga philosophy, voice training, personal-development, living purpose, creating peace and impact. In the afternoon during the Asana and Chakra Labs, you deep dive into the study of asana, pranayama and meditation, in detail and in depth.

New knowledge you put directly into practice, through observing, assisting and teaching right from the beginning of the training in order to foster and practice being in direct contact with yourself and your students.

Is this Yoga Teacher Training in Bali for you?

If you want to take your yoga practice physical and spiritual to the next level, to gain a deeper understanding about yoga’s philosophy, history and science, this training is at great value for you and a pure gift that you can give to yourself. If you wish to become a yoga teacher this training, will build a solid foundation to do so.

In our almost four weeks together we focus on experiencing the meaning of yoga, to deepen your practice and to refine your understanding about the wholeness of yoga. After the Training we offer an included but optional online coaching program, where you learn how to sharpen and refine your teaching skills and how to set up a successful business as a yoga teacher.

This Training is equally suitable for yogis who want to learn how to teach yoga, as well as for yoga students who only want to deepen their practice and want to learn more about yoga, without wanting to become a yoga teacher.

Dates for the included online mentorship program will be announced during the training.

The balance in our contents of gross and subtle fields in yoga as well as the harmony in our team of experienced teachers, trainers and coaches, creates an extraordinary yoga teacher training.

The Team

Frauke Schroth (Germany) – Yoga Teacher
Frauke, is the founder of wild earth alive and your main teacher throughout the Yoga Teacher Training Bali.
Yoga started for her on a strongly physical level. Today, her practice as well as her teachings are a balanced mix of physical, mental and spiritual practices. Peace, love, grounding, awareness and clarity are qualities that are often experienced in her lessons. Today, Frauke lives in Bali and travels back to her home country for hosting trainings, workshops and retreats. Inspired and enchanted by the heartfelt energy of Balinese culture, the natural flow of giving and receiving that reigns on the island, she shares her knowledge about yoga with kindness, passion and professionalism.

During the training, Frauke takes over the units on asanas, chakras, meditation and on yoga philosophy, here she transfers themes from the classical texts into our present time.

Jonathan Matahi Lefevre (Tahiti) – Osteopath
Jono was born in Tahiti and grew up with hippie parents between Polynesia, Bali, and India. After a long, formative period of traveling across Asia and studying meditative practices and Earth medicine, he eventually went into more academic training. He graduated from the Kimura Shiatsu Institute in Tokyo, Japan, the University of San Diego, California, U.S.A. and the British School of Osteopathy, in London, U.K. His work combines various elements and mind-body techniques from all these different traditions, yet he specializes in myofascial osteopathic work and shamanic emotional release.

During the training, Jono takes over the units on anatomy, meditation, yoga philosophy and indonesian spiritual practices.

Jane Chen (Indonesia) – Artist, Choreographer and Voice Trainer
Jane is the founder of Scent, Motion and Sound.
Her creative force, passion and appreciation in the beauties of many cultures, arts and healing is endless. In her friendly and intimate circles you go on a journey from silence into sound and then back to silence. Like being born, alive and going home to where you belong, to your original rhythmic pulsation.

During the training, Jane takes over the units on voice training and Sound Meditations and Sound Healings.


Next to our Core Team we will have an active life coach specialised on Heart to Heart and Non Violent Communication.

Active Life Coach
Our active life coach calls her teaching, “Heart to Heart” Communication, a conscious process that enables people to walk further on the path of self discovery. She truly enjoys helping her worldwide clients develop and integrate the skills and tools necessary to establish an authentic communication with themselves and with others (friends, partner, children, spouse etc..) This process is an exploration that leads towards the unveiling of the deepest fears and stories accumulated over the years.
“Heart to Heart” Communication approach and focus is mainly on “how” to move out of problems rather that focusing on the “why.”

During the training there will be units on authentic communication which are truly empowering and transformative workshops.


The Teacher Training extends over 200 hours. It meets the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 200h qualification and you will receive a 200h Yoga Alliance Certificate with a successful completion of the training.


Place and times

The Yoga Teacher Training Bali takes place in a beautiful, quiet area 15min away from Canggu.
In a very peaceful, still very traditional village right by the beach.

Times & Dates
Training starts march 3rd at 3pm with an opening circle and finishing after our closing circle on march 28th at 12pm.

The daily training program is from 7am to 6pm. On some evenings until 9:30pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks & 4 days off are included.


Training fee:
Normal: 3.400€
Reduced: 2.800€ (for students and people with income up to 1200€ per month)
Scholarship: 1.700€*
*We can offer a limited number of partial scholarships, which cover 50% of the Training fee. To apply please email us directly at mail@wildearthalive.com. Please apply only if you have sincere financial need.

Additional Fee for Accommodation and Food in our private yoga beach town villa:
Single Room, full board included: 1400€
Shared Double Room, full board included: 1050€

This fee includes 25 nights at our training venue. A stunning villa right by the beach with beautiful ocean and sunset views, a big, tropical garden and our yoga shala. During these 25 nights 3 delicious vegan meals per day are included. As we have the villa for ourselves for the whole of march, 2 nights before the start and 2 nights after the end of the training, are also included in the price.

Paying in instalments is available for all prices.


Application for the Yoga Teacher Training Bali

We look forward to receiving your application!
Fill in the form and send it to mail@wildearthalive.com. We will get back to you shortly.


How big is the training group in the Yoga Teacher Training Bali?

The training groups have a maximum of 10 participants.

This makes an active exchange possible. And we can still take good care of individual needs and interests.

Are “Study Groups” or anything similar part of the training, in which we gain initial experience in teaching and receive feedback?

Yes. You will practice from the beginning to put what you have learned into practice.

In smaller and larger groups. Feedback and exchange is very important to us. Immediately after the exercises there will be feedback from the teaching team.

Which target group is in focus of the training?

In the training, you will particularly learn how to guide yoga beginners safely, confidently and mindful through yoga classes.

But during practice sessions we will go through all the levels.

What does the exam look like in the end?

We want to support you with joy and fun to celebrate your graduation. That’s why we let you decide how you wish to finish your training.

If teaching and feedback ist important to you, you will be given the opportunity to teach a yoga class at the end of the training. Here you have our full attention and get our feedback afterwards.

Or you can do writing-test.

Or if teaching yoga is not important to you, you show us something you love.

Since there are very different learning-types, the design of our exam is open. We do not want to test you, we wish to see the part in you that wants to shine.

Is there literature that you can particularly recommend?

Yes! Look here:

Teaching Methodology:
John Heider – The Tao of Leadership
Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha
Andrew Beath – Consciousness in Action

Caroline Myss – Anatomy Of The Spirit
Anodea Judith – Eastern Body Western Mind

Yoga Philosophy & Tradition:
Jack Hawley – Bhagavadgita: A Walkthrough for Westerners
Yogi Hari – Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Michael Roach – How Yoga Works

Yoga Today:
Sarah Powers – Insight Yoga
Ana Forrest – Fierce Medicine
Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews – Yoga Anatomy
Bernie Clark – Your Body, Your Yoga

Yoga literature is endless. The books mentioned are merely recommendations. Choose the books that are particularly appealing and exciting for you at the moment.

Do you want to participate?

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