-- Dieser Artikel ist nur in englisch verfügbar -- The legendary Kombucha fungus has been appreciated in Asia for thousands of years. But it was only in the last couple of years that Kombucha was rediscovered. I must say that I am the biggest fan. Almost everywhere I stay for a while I brew my own Kombucha. I love to make it, to watch it grow and of course I love it to drink. I am fascinated by the process of Kombucha: it produces a high-end fruity healthy drink from normal tea within 5 - 10 days!

Kombucha is a fermented tea while the process of fermentation is quite complex:
The fungus induces several complex reactions in your tea (processes of assimilation and dissimilation). Especially the sugar is almost fully transformed into organic acids. A small amount of alcohol is also produced, minor 0.5 % – wich is not more than in the so called alcohol-free beer or even in some selected fruit juices.

While fermenting it produces numerous ingredients as various enzymes, organic acids, vitamins, minerals and good bacteria, we need for our gut health. Traditionally Kombucha is seen and used as food that harmonizes body and metabolism.

And although Kombucha tastes sour, our body treats the tea alkaline due to its ingredients – a bit like vegetable juices.

What you need:

1 liter water
8 - 12 gramm tea
90 - 110 gramm sugar
100 ml already made Kombucha
1 Scooby


I always mix black and green tea. The Scooby likes black tea best, but I like the green tea flavour in it. So once in a while you can use green tea only for a couple batches. Just make sure you feed your Scooby with a bit of black tea regularly. Flavoured or perfumed tea could make Scooby unhappy, so better use plain, organic tea. The kind of sugar will also influence the taste of your Kombucha. I always put a little bit of brown sugar, coconut sugar or rapadura sugar in my Kombucha.

The longer the Kombucha sits the sourer it gets.


Boil water.
Add tea, when water boils and let it boil for a couple minutes.
Turn off heat and let steep for another 10-15min.
Strain and add sugar. It can be a mix of all kinds of sugar. If you want to give your Kombucha an extra charge, stir slowly clockwise until sugar is dissolved and while you stir sing your favourite Mantra! 
Let it cool down.
When it has room temperature, put the tea in a big glass jar.
Add already made Kombucha.
Add Scooby.
Cover the glass with tablecloth and let it sit for 5-10 Days.

In tropical climate fermentation processes go very fast and Komucha needs only 5 days. In more nordic climates can take up to 10 days. Depends also how sweet or sour you like it. Try it after 5 days, if still too sweet, let it sit a little longer.

Put it somewhere where you don’t have to move it. The Scooby is delicate in the first 2-4 days of fermentation and doesn’t like to be moved.

Make sure everything that gets in touch with Kombucha is really, really clean and free of soap. 
And don’t let the fungus touch any metal.

After 5-10 Days you have your ready made homebrew Kombucha!
Take out the Scooby, put your Kombucha in bottles and keep it in the fridge. It will be good for weeks!

Brew your new tea and start process from the beginning.
When Scooby is big, give a bit of the scooby with already made Kombucha to your friends so they can brew their own Kombucha as well!

I like my Kombucha plain. Only Green and Black Tea. But just recently I played around with flavouring it in a second fermentation.

My new Favourite: Coffee Kombucha!
After putting your ready made Kombucha in bottles, add a little of cold, light sweetened coffee. Close the Bottle. And let it sit at room temperature for 1 or 2 days. And then ready is your coffee Kombucha. If Coffee still sits on top, just put bottles in the fridge it will go down after one day.

You can flavour your Kombucha with all kinds of different fruits or teas: Rosella, Mango, Passionfruit, Vanilla are some of my favourits.


With Love,