‘not good enough’
‘I don’t feel space’
‘I don’t belong anywhere’

Probably everyone of us knows such thoughts.
They can trigger a form of inner struggle.

Often it is that those limited believes, as mentioned above, come in with free thoughts such as:
‘I know, I am and you are more than enough’
‘I know there is more love than I could ever embrace’
‘I love myself the way I am’

There are many different views and theories that explain such inner conflicts.

One interpretation, which finds its background in spiritual teachings, is that limiting thoughts are formed by our experiences and our personality, and thoughts that don’t know any limits these are thoughts of the soul.

What to do when you have limiting believes or thoughts?

When you see inner struggles coming, take a break and pause, and the most important, go out in nature!

Fall in love with nature and its beauty!

Nature is non judgemental in many ways. Mama Earth is patience with humans on so many levels. We kill her forests, her children, her species, we pollute her air, her water, her soil. Sometimes she shows us her power, and so we can feel our power. She nourishes us, gives us space to live, and treats us with so much incredible beauty.

Just being in nature can support you and inspire you to come into harmonic contact with yourself. Let go of what no longer nourishes you, what is old, give it to the earth, and let it magically turn it into fertile ground for new things. The best recycling that exists! Old, no longer useful, yet natural, becomes the source of new growth.

Real change wants to happen only when we fall in love with our planet.
Only love can show how to live in harmony with nature and how it works and how it works.

Being in nature opens hearts.
It gives strength and courage.
Simply breathe and let it go.

Mama Earth is patient.
She has the power to generate herself.
She works in harmony: nurturing gentleness beside her simmering fire.

And we humans are nature too.

Go for walks, visit forests, seas, oceans and fall in love with the wonder of planet earth.
Listen to the sounds of nature, enjoy the vastness, smell the fresh air.
She will feel it!

Pick your diary and write about those questions:
How and what do I feel?
What is it what I need?
What is my next step?
What do I need for taking this step?

With love,