I have created a step by step guide for your first order of dōTERRA oils.
It’s actually quite simple.
So you can also fall in love with the wonderful oils of dōTERRA and can use them for supporting the health of your body and your cells, as well a boost for your energy, balancing your hormones, and creating comfort when you need it!

I am super happy with the oils from dōTERRA!

See their catalogue here.

Order your oils easily and directly with dōTERRA:

You place your order online and directly at dōTERRA. You create your own account and can choose from different order options. The oils usually arrive within 3-5 working days at your home.

I recommend to set up your account as a wellness advocate, if you wish to make a business with the oils, or as a wholesale customer, so you can order at best deals. No obligations. No minimum order and no regular order is required to enjoy the benefits of such an account.

Step 1: Click here.

or enter in the browser:

Step 2: Click on Register & Save

Step 3: Choose your language and country

Step 4: Choose wholesale customer or wellness advocate to benefit best deals.

Step 5: Enter your personal information.

Step 6: Check again if this number is on Enroller ID & Sponsor ID: 5515294

Step 7: Choose an enrollment kit (this will save you the starter fee of 25 Euro) or you choose single oils. I recommend: Home Essential Kit or Family Essential Kit. Both are real home pharmacies and give you the 10 most popular dōTERRA oils.

If you do not choose an enrollment kit, then put the Welcome Pack in your shopping cart, that’s the starter fee, so you can get the products for the purchase price. Here you will find the product catalog.

If you like to use the oils as perfum, I recommend ordering a bottle of fractionated coconut oil, so you can fill your favourite mixes in little roll-ons and enjoy them on the go.

Step 8: Choose how you want to pay. With credit card you get the order faster, with direct debit delivery takes about 7-10 days.

If you want to pay by credit card, first send the order and then enter your details.

Step 9: Check your mailbox. There is an email waiting for you with the access data for your own dōTERRA login, which you can order at any time and browse the product range.

Your first dōTERRA is done?
Welcome to my team!

You will receive from me once a month a mail with all the news and information and tips on the oils. I’m happy for you!

Do you still have questions about the registration at dōTERRA or your first order? Then write an email to:

With Love,
Frauke *