Grateful for so much light and sun we are getting this October.
Still, the cooler temperatures are noticeable.
The air is getting drier. Colds are coming and going. The immune system is working hard.
To support it’s hard work, I’d like to introduce you to my current favourite oils.

I love the smell of those oils, and even more I am amazed by their incredibly fine effects. My body and all my cells are dancing when I use the oils. The oils I am presenting here are of highest quality. The gentle, respectful and attentive way the oils are treated at their production makes them not only on the physical but also on finer levels work.

Air (formerly Breathe) – is an in-house blend of dōTERRA. Just put one drop into the hand, rub it gently and breathe in it. The immediate, deep, free inhalation has astonished everyone! The mixture consists of eucalyptus, lemon, melaleuca, cardamom, ravintsara leaf and other oils.

It is great for colds, or for deep, free breaths. In case of slight headache a small amount massaged on the temples creates a nice relief.

Use this oil as a wonderful support for your pranayama practice.

I prefer to use it while walking by the sea. The fresh air in combination with the fresh fragrance gives maximum clarity and deepest breath.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – A true marvel. I like to use it for small skin impurities. Only a small amount on affected, slightly inflamed areas and within a few hours I notice improvement.

I also like to use it to maintain my energetic boundaries. When I feel that my energy is being tapped by other people, I put a drop on my solar plexus with the intention of keeping my boundaries.

Oregano Oil  – a super strong oil. It is especially known for its antibacterial effects. Ans is often used as a natural antibiotic, without the side effects that are often associated with antibiotics.

For cold feet, I like to put 1-2 drops under my feet and massage it, that makes my feet get warmer quickly.

For first flu symptoms, a drop of oregano oil can be added to a small glass of natural water. Be careful, it is spicy! (If you take it internally, use oils with CPTG label only).

I appreciate the oils of dōTERRA so much, they are incredibly powerful and effective. And I think the philosophy of the company is great. All their Oils are in highest quality, all-natural and all with an CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) seal. If you rather work with other Oils just make sure they have an CPTG seal, especially if you take them internally.

If you want to know more or even order oils, please reach out:
Or you can see for yourself, here you will find an exact guide to ordering the oils.

All the best,
Frauke *