Bali is like home to me. I love and appreciate the warmth, serenity and gentleness of the people here and I am always happy when beloved ones come to visit me in Bali. Then I can spread my fascination for this island and show them the places that I love the most on this island ..

Often I get questions or requests for tips and recommendations for Bali and often I don’t remember all the places that are worth mentioning. That’s why I’ve put together my favourites here. Maybe you also come to the island one day and feel like a few favourites.

Bali spirit

Water ceremony, Blessing.
Very special in Bali are water ceremonies or blessings through water. For many of the islanders, water has a special power in certain places. And so, around waterfalls or springs, temples are created to maintain them as sacred. Purification of body, mind and soul or blessings are the focus of most water ceremonies.

Sebatu Karu Waterfall Temple
One of my most favourite places here in Bali. It is said that the water here has the power to purify the body, mind and soul. Sebatu Karu is a temple, not just a waterfall. The cleansing is ceremonial and it is best to bring a Balinese so he/she can explain the offerings, prayers and guidelines.

Tirta Empul
This temple is very well known, also to tourists. Packed buses reach this place daily. It’s best to go here for the evening, after sunset, maybe even at full moon, then this place is particularly magical, but also visited by many locals. Especially one day before the full moon, many Balinese celebrate the full power of the moon and allow themselves to be blessed by the water. Tirta Empul is a popular destination for this. I love to come here especially the evenings around full moon. Tirta Empul is a lot easier to find and excess that Sebatu Karu.

Ida Resi Alit
Ida, born into a simple Balinese family, was awarded with the title of a High Priestess on her 21st birthday. During a deep meditation experience, she learned practices that usually take decades in her practice, along with the ability to speak ancient, sacred languages ​​she had never learned before. Ida is the youngest person to receive the official title Priestess, one of the few who has received this title without prior education, and the only woman to have obtained it out of wedlock in their own hundreds of years.

Ida is widely known and travels a lot.

The purification ceremonies here in Bali take place in her house. If Ida is not available, her wonderful uncle is doing the ceremony. Before the ceremony begin, the water will be charged with prayers. A truly Balinese experience. Ask in your accommodation for a driver who knows Ida and can make an appointment for you. Ida’s house is a bit hidden and not so easy to find by scooter. Or write me and I’ll put you in touch with Ida’s sister, who helps organise the ceremonies.

Jane Chen
Jane is a total powerhouse and in my eyes a magician. Her singing circles open the heart. Powerful and enchanting, she leads you into the deep expression of your voice. Her groups are small and family like, not too public. If you are interested, please write me and I’ll put you in contact with her.

Pyramids of Chi
The Pyramids of Chi are two pyramids built in such a way that the sound of gongs, and other instruments played during the sound healing sessions, are picked up by the walls to wave back to you. A wonderful and powerful sound is created. The pyramids are located outside Ubud’s hustle and bustle, in a quiet, peaceful, green and lush area. The restaurant of the Pyramids has delicious snacks and drinks. Depending on the season, it is safer to reserve your spot especially for the sound healings in the evening.



There are so many yoga studios in Bali. One of my favourite is Desa Seni. It is a small oasis with an organic garden, organic restaurant, saltwater pool, and with loving accommodations. On Tuesday evenings there is a Bali Usada Meditation on donation base. A meditation technique, by Pak Merta Ada, a Balinese healer who teaches how to support health through regular meditation practice. I myself visit the Usada Meditation Retreats regularly. If you are curious about this meditation, their Tuesday class is a great opportunity!

Bali Usada Meditation Retreat
If learning meditation is your thing, then I highly recommend the meditation retreats with Pak Merta Ada. I have been to some silent retreats before and none has been as effective and beneficial as this one from Bali Usada. Pak Merta is a Balinese healer and teaches in his retreats what you can do in your meditation to help your body and mind become healthy. He is a wonderful person who loves to tell stories about the Balinese culture.

Bali Silent Retreat
Just beautiful is the land where Bali Silent Retreat is located. Wide fields, jungle and a small village lie around it. The Batu Karu Temple as well as hot springs are nearby and are beautiful destinations for small trips. There are daily yoga and meditation sessions that you are free to join. You decide how long you want to stay for your retreat. There is a beautiful and very well selected library and fantastic food: 100% locally, 90% vegan (duck eggs from their own ducks is the only animal product they use) and 100% delicious!


Bali in its origin

Fresh air, mountains, waterfalls, holy hot springs and hiking trails, that is what Munduk is known for. Even though I love the sea so much, I come to Munduk from time to time to enjoy the clear air and to go for a walk, which can rare with all the scooter rides on Bali. And to wear a sweater suits my German heart very well.

A nice place to stay: Puri Lumbung Munduk

In the far north of Bali you will find the dreamy Tejakula. Here you can drive out with small local fishing boats and celebrate the sunrise with dolphins. A wonderful experience.

A nice place to stay: gaia oasis pantai

Batu Karu
A wonderful drive from Cemagi Area through villages up into this mountain area! Such peace! My absolute favourite place for a little getaway is batu karu coffee estate. I hang in their little village coffee shop for breakfast and head up for lunch (reservations needed!) to their wonderful little retreat place. Sometimes staying over night. This place allows you just to be.

Amed, the small village along the east coast of Bali offers stunning views of Mount Agung. Dreamy and quiet it is here with a view point that is particularly popular for sunset with a breathtaking view of the sacred volcano Agung. I always plan my trips to Amed together with one or more free diving sessions. If you want to experience yoga in a differently way then try Free Diving!

A fantastic school: Apnaista Bali

White sandy beaches, turquoise sea. Bali as you see it in pictures. This is where I come from, when I feel like holidays.

Massages & Beauty

If you like massages and spas, Bali is a dream for you! Everywhere on the island you will find massage spas where you can indulge yourself for little money. Such a pampering and beauty program can be easily rounded off with cosmetic treatments, manicures or pedicures.

Cantika Jasmin Spa – Massage
The Cantika Spa in Ubud uses home made products made from only natural ingredients. The spa is located just outside the city center. Here many of the herbs grow, that are used to make the massage oils. A true little hippie paradise.

Lotus Spa – Massage
The Lotus Spa in Canggu has well-trained massage therapists. The classic Balinese Massage releases muscular tension and lets energy flow a little more freely.

Golddust – Nails
Already the smell of Golddust is worth a visit. Golddust uses mostly natural products. I especially like to have my nails done here because the color lasts a long time. All treatments come along with delicious tea, a few fruits, a manicure with a massage on the shoulders, arms and hands and a pedicure with a massage on the calves and feet: a very relaxing experience.


Bali is adorned with countless restaurants, choices ranging from small local snack bars, to asian western fusions, up to high class restaurants.

I like vegan and healthy. Those are my favourite food stops, which have a large selection of vegan dishes.

Fancy, hip and delicious. Creative dishes, which are sure to please the eyes and belly! I love all the menu has to offer.

Shady Shack
Holiday feeling and a place for half or even a whole day. Smoothies, entrees and desserts, in fact, everything the menu has to offer is delicious. The bowls are filled with everything that makes a nutritious dish!

Warung Alus
The restaurant of my previous, loving neighbour. I really appreciate this place. The food is local, simple and tasty! With a direct ocean view, the location is unbeatable. The way along wide rice fields is worth a visit the Warung Alus. At weekends the beach can become really busy with locals having their evening out celebrating the beauty of a sunset.

The moksha is surrounded by a small permaculture Farm. The kitchen is vegan and run by the balinese co-founder Made. Absolutely delicious! And very comfortable.

Wamm actually means ‘What about my mother?’ This question was asked to the founders of Wamm when it came to renting the premises. The site was used by Mama to make offerings for ceremonies. So it may well be that when you visit the Wamm, you see Mama right next to the entrance as she diligently makes her offerings. The Wamm is located in Nyuh Kuning, a small, very peaceful, village part of Ubud. The menu was developed by Simon Jongenotter. Simon is the founder of the New Earth Cooking philosophy: local and sustainable is the devise. The menu is colourful and creative like the food. I am a big fan of Wamm!

The classic. Raw and vegan. Alchemy is one of the early Raw Food restaurants in Bali and has a wonderfully selected salad bar with toppings and dressings you can only dream of. In a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, you can also go for a stroll through the Health Food Shop after your meal.

In addition to a restaurant, a small health food shop Sayuri is also a cooking school in which the founder Sayuri teaches raw and vegan cuisine. This is where the Ubud Crowd meets: Yogi, Ecstatic Dancer, Alternative Healer. Gorgeous!

Other delicious places:
Sage, Clear Cafe, Zest, Sunshine Flower, Seniman Cafe in Ubud, Cafe Vida, Secret Spot in Canggu, Rize, Zali in Prerenan, The Little Ripper in Kedungu and of course many, many more. Tell me your favourite place, if it is not listed here!

Before you visit those places, please get your own impression and google the places that appeal to you and see if after your own research they still attract your interest.