Bali, du besonderer Ort. Du stilltest so viele meiner Sehnsüchte, zeigest mir den Weg zu wundervollen Orten, Menschen und Bereichen in mir selbst, über die ich so dankbar bin. Du bist ein besonderer Ort.

A Loveletter

2 years ago I came to you, following my heart and my dreams.

A voice whispered that a part of me always wants to go home to my roots.

So I set it up to be with you most of the time, spending only couple weeks a year at my home-country, by my roots.

Shortly after my arrival, my idea of ​​exotic life, easy going, everything just beauty and love, just crashed! It hit me right in my face and broke my heart into million pieces.

But you gave me time and space to be able to observe patiently and mindfully as clear, more stable yet gentle boundaries were built up again. New strength, lots of space, touching vulnerability, love and trust found their way back into place.

I came to you because a man asked me: Do not you want to live in Bali?

A question that moved so much. I am grateful and very touched. A new path opened up for me on an seemingly endless journey.

My trip was accompanied by many wishes and longings.

I longed for balance in my being. I felt strong but not real. I did not feel able to connect with my fine, emotional intelligence. I wish to be open to my feelings even more.

I longed for nature. At all possible levels. For more naturalness in my being, for a life in rich green surroundings, magical pink and bright blue sky.

I longed for connection. At all possible levels. Nature, human, spirit.

I longed to follow my dreams: a life by the ocean, light-footed, free and under the sun ..

You turn your light on long, unconscious thought patterns. These were stored in secret, so much so that I did not know they exist. And you made sense of them. Now they are part of me, consciously accepted, I see them when they arise. I can look at them, feel them, allow them and watch them fade away.

you were nursing so many of my yearnings,
showed me wonderful places,
people and areas in myself,
about which I am so thankful.

You’re special.

I am grateful that you have hold me, in times of confusion, always given me what I needed and what I asked for.
In your own time. You allowed me to live my dream, in a house by the sea.

I learned that I do not have to yearn for anything, because everything is already there, and even much, much more.

Thank you. You are full of magic, pure power, unique, alive, peace and love. I love you.

Whether it is time to go, this is still open …

In love,
Frauke *