Frauke Schroth

An interactive workshop that connects you closer with your individual truth.

In this Workshop you can expect:
* Yoga and visualisation exercises that expand your feeling sense and bring you into your body
* Exercises to increase your inner presence
* Exercises that show you how to clearly express what you feel
* Exchange and empowerment through others
* Reflection in a circle

The workshop is aimed to those who wish to get closer to their personal truth and want to feel the power to communicate it.

Frauke, is the founder of Wild Earth Alive, a multi-trained yoga and meditation teacher and trainer.

Yoga started for her on a strongly physical level. Today, both her practice and her lessons are a balance of physical, mental and spiritual issues and exercises. Peace, love, grounding, awareness and clarity are qualities that are often experienced in their classes. Truth and its expression had been Frauke’s had played an important role in her life since she was little. Today, Frauke is following the truth of her heart and lives there, where her heart carries her. She travels regularly to her home country to hold trainings, workshops and retreats. She shares her knowledge of yoga and its inner work with passion, clarity and kindness.

Please bring something to write.

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