The White Shaman

Bali Spirit Retreat – Yoga & Healing – April ’18


Frauke Schroth + Shirin Anjuna Ourmutchi

We all have great unknown forces in us that want to be reawakened. In times of great imbalance and transformation, the energy of change is calling for responsibility. Responsibility for ourselves and also for mama earth.

Experience one week filled with magic. Connect to your inner wild power and intuition. Gain deeper understanding of your souls yearning and learn how to live your soul purpose in an active, vibrant and joyful way.

We are super excited to celebrate this union of mental, energy, spiritual and body work with you on Bali! And where could it be more powerful than on Bali, the Island of Gods. Where the culture of love and balance is celebrated on a daily base. Kura Kura Yoga Retreat is located directly on the ocean and surrounded by beautiful nature.

Energy and spiritual work with Shirin:
soul light work + connection to your higher self + ancestor healing + karma work + activation of
shamanic forces + healing journeys + meditation + soul dance + ritual with a balinese water priestess

Mental and body work with Frauke:
dynamic yoga + yin and gentle yoga + awareness practices for one‘s own body and its needs +
visualisations + pranayama (yogic breathing exercises)

Have a look at our program.

When: April 26th – May 3rd 2018
Pricing: Accommodation in shared double room & full board: 700€ | course fee: 600€ | total: 1300€

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5% of your course fee I give back to Non-Profit Community Projects here on Bali.

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