The Hormoneworkshop


Frauke Schroth, Susanna Abbassian Korasani

— this workshop is held in german. —

Power & Balance with Yoga, Healing Plants and Essential Oils.

Hormones take on complex tasks in our body, from the ability to cope with anxiety and stress to our digestion. Diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on the inner balance and production of our hormones.

In this workshop, you delve deep into the function of your hormonal system and learn how to restore balance through healthy lifestyle and nutrition. In addition, you will learn valuable tools on how to use healing plants, yoga and essential oils on the way to a balanced inner state.

The hormonal system is complex and vast. This workshop will focus on the balance level of female hormones, cortisol (stress hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone).

Susanna is a medical practitioner and has been working in her own practice in Berlin for 5 years. Her specialties are plants, macrobiotics and rebirthing (breathing technique). Her holistic approach has helped many people on their way to health. With charm, honesty and liveliness, Susanna shares her knowledge and experience around the topic of health and hormonal balance: Nourishing as well as healing!

Frauke is a trained meditation and yoga teacher as well as a trainer. She was trained in hormone yoga from Dinah Rodriguez, and experienced in her own body, how hormone yoga helped to more balance. Frauke regularly gives workshops, retreats and training, especially in Germany and Bali. Inspired by the warmth of the Balinese islanders and the power of nature, Frauke is known for her open and clear nature and her special ability to guide with sensitivity, lightness and precision through yoga sequences and meditations.

Somatische Akademie Berlin, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin

11. Januar 2019, 18:00 – 21:00

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